Post Trip Survey (Students)

Annex : Post Trip Survey (Students ONLY)

(please complete this immediately after GCP Brunei)
for official use only: click here for responses to survey
Dear Students,

First and foremost thank you for being part of this SST GCP Learning journey with us. As you have already known the objectives of GCP are to help you
1) develop interest in and take stewardship of local and global issues.
2) understand Singapore’s relationships with ASEAN, ASIA and the rest of the world
3) develop 21st century competencies (SST's 10Cs)
4) possess greater self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision-making
5) embrace diversity and cultivate respect for all people

6) act upon ideas for the improvement of their society and the wider world

The information is for internal use only.

Please complete the following only after GCP Brunei 2015.

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