Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : The Leader and Pioneer in Me

Day 4 in Brunei

Enduring Understanding
Culture influences all our behaviours and interactions.

Essential Question
How does culture shape the way we see the world and make sense of it?

Learning Objective
Students will learn about the interplay between culture and behaviour through immersing in the Bruneian way of life.

TASK (to be completed as a group at the end of Day 4)
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(based on visits to Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan & Brunei Arts and Handicraft Centre)
  1. What are the key issues or areas of concern relating to this activity?
  2. Discuss some of the impacts that stemmed from this issue.
  3. How does your host destination go about managing the issue? What are the key lesson that Singapore can learn?


Well, today was the best day in the entire trip .Firstly, I went to a radio station and that was my favourite as you cannot experience this kind of thing at home in Singapore and habing the chance to see people goilng on air and even getting to celebrate one of our student leader birthday was even greater. Next, we went to a very cool museum called "Brunei handicraft arts" was also a very fun and exhilarating experience as we got to even see some people create many kinds of things that are handmade of course. I even got a chance to get some of the handmade crafts in the museum. This was a    really cool thing as I hade never seen anything like this ever in a museum as I have never seen anything like this. All in all , the people who made this trip possible are really great as  they have spent all their time leaving their homes parents, children,       husband and wives and all of their loved ones just to take care of us. I would specially want to give a shoutout to the student leaders as they have taken care of us these past few days.

Today in the morning, we went to Maktab Sains school. On the bus, I was really excited to meet my buddy and also join the CCA. When the bus arrived at Maktab Sains, I saw the students coming to welcome us. After we assembled in front of the students in groups, we were supposed to find our buddy. I looked to the students and found my buddy right away. I introduced myself and got friendly with her. After all of us have found our partners, we were going to the gymnasium for assembly. On the way, we got to know each other better. When we arrived at the gymnasium, the students of Maktab Sains clapped to welcome us. I was touched as I thought they would not noticed us. during the assembly, I realized that their assembly was almost the same as what we have back in sst like having presentations in the morning and also the  singing of the national anthem and the school song. After assembly, all of us headed to the conference room where the teacher of Maktab Sains talked to us more about Maktab Sains. After the presentation ended, we headed to the study hub for the ice breaking session where we all had a string between us while we were holding hands and have to pass the string to next person and if we have more than 2 strings on us, we are out of the game. There were 5 people that were out and the teacher told us that during teamwork, everyone have to work together and not sacrifice people like we did. After the ice breaking session, we went to the classroom and the class that time for my buddy was chemistry. During chemistry we did nothing as there was little time and the teacher did not see the class for about 2 or 3 months so he talked about how the class is quite and other things. After class, it was break time. During break time, we didn't really do anything but eat and my buddy was really caring. After that we had to go to the respective CCAs that we assigned to us. For me it was drawing club. That time we had to paint the school walls with the drawing we came up with. For our group, we came up with the idea to draw like a hole in the wall and the inside of the hole is really dark while the outside is really fun and cheerful. We started by painting the wall first. Even though it was a short time painting the wall, it was fun. During the time that i was there, I saw a Singaporean teacher and she said that she was Mrs Chew, our vice principle was her niece-in-law. After CCA we went back to the conference room for the closing ceremony which one of our students shared about how our life is in SST. After the presentation ended, we proceed with exchanging the gifts that we have brought. After that we took selfies and said goodbye. They send us out to the bus and we said goodbye non-stop. Later we had lunch and lunch was good as there was ice cream. Next, we went to RTB to learn more about the radio stations in Brunei. First, we met DJ Alfi who was doing a live show then. He introduced us and we sang happy birthday to Shai. At the next studio, it was the same as what we did with DJ Alfi, instead it was DJ Anne. Later we went to the news broadcast and saw how a news broadcast was made. After that we went to the art and craft training center and saw many works of precious art. Later, we went to the restruant and his majesty opened and went for dinner. We celebrated Mr.Hoe's birthday and gave a show.

Wen Xuan:
When we first reached maktab sains I was anxious and at the same time afraid as I did not know who is my partner at first and I don't like to talk to strangers.
But soon later when I was with my partner and we started to talking he was very friendly and even made me engaged. My buddy was Aziz. I was assigned to the cca board games and I really had fun playing monopoly deal with the students of maktab sains.
The next places we went was to the radio television brunei, and the arts and handicrafts centre. I personally enjoyed the trip to radio television brunei (RTB) as I experienced things like learing the process of the editing and script and how the radio djs was when they were on air. I even saw things I never saw real life before such as the green screen and the massive cameras. It was an amazing fun experience to know how the news reporter is like when he/she reports the news
Nextly for the art and handicraft centre we were shown how different things of different material was handmade and the some of the materials is expensive like gold threads. I found it interesting as we were shown how
Specific things were made with its own materials and what's things could be made out of the materials

At he very end we had a wonderful and yummmmy dinner which we sang birthday songs and danced for Mr Hoe.
I had a wonderful and fun day doing all the different activities.


Today we visited Maktab Sains School, KTB and the Arts and Crafts Center.
At Maktab Sains, I made many new friends like my buddy Angelina. When we first went to Maktab Sains, I first thought that everyone in the school was Muslim. When I asked Angelina about it, I learned that actually Maktab Sains has students who is from other religious backgrounds. I got to experience a new sport called softball. In my opinion softball is exactly like baseball. Maybe it actually is? I've really enjoyed the school and I will definitely stay in contact with my buddy.
Next we went to RTB. RTB was an eye-opener for me because I saw how the Radio DJs operating live. It was interesting to see how they lined up the songs on a computer like a playlist. I actually used to think that a News Anchor usually had to memorise a script before going on air but when I saw the studio, I realised that the script was reflected onto a sort of mirror for the News Anchor to read. It was really enjoyable but I wish that we could have seen the live action of filming.
Lastly we went to the Arys and Crafts centre. It was full of eye-catching designs on fabric and various deifferent curios. I wish that we had more time to look at the different things and to learn about how they were made or to ask more questions.
At the end of the day I feel really exhausted but exhilarated because today was the best day in the Brunei trip.


Hi all, these are our reflections for Day 4 of the Brunei GCP Trip. 

It has already been Day 4 of the Brunei GCP Trip. Though I am about to fly back to Singapore tomorrow, I still have mixed feeling about today. At the start of the day, we visited the Maktab Sains School. Though we were only there for 5 hours, I had already made new friends and could not bear to leave what seemed to be my dearest friends.
Afterwards, we visited the Radio Television Brunei office, which I got to learn more about radio broadcasting and also witness a radio DJ live on-air.
That concluded the day's most notable activities. I learnt that friendships can be easily formed among one another, yet still have a strong impact on your life. I also learnt how media broadcasting works, which was an interesting experience and an eye-opener for me.

Today I went to Maktab Sains School, one of the top schools in Brunei. We were greeted by a lot to enthusiastic Maktab Sains students upon our arrival. We met our buddies for the day and experienced morning assembly there too. Afterwards, we had an ice-breaking session and also got to experience their lessons. I went to Math class and the teacher was teaching graphs, similar to what we at SST are learning now. After our break, we followed our buddies to their respective CCAs.My buddy, Haziq was in Korean Culture. There, we learned about the vowels in the Korean language and how to spell our names in Korean. To end of our visit at Maktab Sains, we exchanged gifts with our buddies and bade farewell to them. Our next destination was the Radio Television Brunei. There, we visited the studios and sang happy birthday for our student leader on live radio – twice. Lastly, we visited the Arts and Crafts museum where we saw a lot of artefacts and items before we went on a shopping spree. We prepared a special dinner for Mr Hoe's birthday and we celebrated his birthday too, which was today. Overall, my trip to Brunei allowed me to understand its culture and how we can learn from the Brunei people such as their hospitality and be grateful for what we have. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and wish to come back soon.

In the morning, we headed to Maktab Sains School for an exchange programme. Due to never being in a school here in Brunei, it made me excited for the day that I was going to experience a day in Maktab Sains. 

When we reached the college, I was amazed by the beauty and the huge building of the school. With a caring and kind buddy by my side, I went ahead for assembly, followed by the opening, some ice breakers, class time and finally, my buddy's CCA — muscle conditioning. The whole experience was very interesting, however, I felt unbearable to leave as we had to visit the Radio Television Brunei next. 

At the RTB, we got to enter some of the studios, where we got to see the DJs and the news editors at work. For rather a surprising visit to the studios of the DJs, we got to say some words that goes directly on air. We then proceeded to the Art Gallery in Brunei by the view of the Kampung Ayer.

I was rather speechless after setting a foot into the museum as the building was filled with one art and architecture. There were ornaments of brass and gold and silver ware at a corner. The sewing of the songkok and the craving of the "special" wood into canes and keris was showcased for our interest and knowledge. It was just gorgeous and I even bought a simple keychain from the batik gallery. 

We were then provided some time to do our own shopping, which made me really delighted.

However, after shopping at a nearby mall, Miss Grace offered to bring us to a night market where we got to stroll around in. Sniffing the scent of food after food at the night market, our next stop was dinner. It was the last night in Brunei, so we celebrated our principal, Mr Hoe's birthday and had a wonderful and fruitful dinner, with all the laughter and the enjoyments by the sea. That night was the final and only best night for me although other meal times also made my mouth water. 

All in all, Brunei was a great journey with the school and one that I would not forget...

I think that my day today was pretty fun although I was very tired. We went to many different places and I enjoyed myself a lot. We first went to a school called Maktab Sains which was one of the top schools in Brunei. We all had a buddy and I had a lot of fun learning there, especially during the CCAs, which I have never tried before. I got to know more about my buddy and we also exchanged tokens. I really appreciated what the school has done for us and I really enjoyed the time with her spent in that mere 3 hours. I truly hope that she would get to visit us in the near future so that we can get to now each other further. 

After the long morning, we had lunch at a nice restaurant and headed to our next adventure. We went to RTB which was really cool because we got to see how the DJs do what they do and we even celebrated Sai's birthday live on-air which was really interesting. We also went to the News Section, which we witnessed how the news reporters reported the news.

After our visit at RTB, we went to a mall for a quick 30-min shopping spree with our schoolmates and it was really fun going around the mall to browse around. Afterwards, we were also brought to a night market. However, we could not purchase any food for consumption due to hygiene purposes. Furthermore, we would be having dinner soon, so we did not want to arrive at the restaurant with a filled stomach.

For dinner, we went to a very nice restaurant which was opened by the Sultan of Brunei, just opposite Kampong Ayer. The restaurant was opened to the public and it was a fantastic experience dining there. To end off the day on a high note, we celebrated Mr Hoe's birthday.

Overall, I feel that the Brunei GCP Trip was a great experience for me indeed.


Daanish - 
Today we went to Maktab Sains. The school was very hospitable and its pupils are veing part of this being part ery caring for our well-being. We also learnt that maktab saints has a close relationship with our school (SST). Next we went to radio television Brunei (RTB). We learnt how radio broadcast were done and how news is being sent to the different the different places in Brunei. It was a truly unforgettable experience. W e then went to the arts museum to see how the different costumes are made and saw silversmithing and many more. It was a really fruitful experience being a part of this Brunei GCP as I made new friends and could immerse myself in a new culture thats different from Singapore. I hope the school will have more of such trips as I truly have learnt a lot of things this past 5 days.

Today, I met the wonderful students of Maktab Sains P.S.B.S. During the icebreaker, I learnt that a good team does not sacrifice their members. My buddy, Yun Qi, shared with me how the school works. I followed her to lessons, English, and her CCA, Muscle Conditioning. Also, during the closing ceremony, a video was played to show the M.S students what SST looks like. Yun Qi was so awed about how the school looked like, she was going on about how nice the SST's facilities are. At the end of that, we exchanged gifts. I gave her a plate which has most of Singapore's national icons, while she gave me an ornament which had a model of the oil and gas center.

Afterwards, we went to the Brunei radio station to learn about how it works. I'm sure that Sai had a particularly good time as we sang her a birthday song while on are at two radio channels. We went on to take a look at how news broadcasts are taken. We were led into a large room where a green screen commanded two of the walls. I had a blast poking around with the equipment including the piece of equipment that shows the newscaster the script. A few people even sat down behind the table and read the script like how a newscaster would.

We then were given time for a little free and easy at a mall. I was quite disappointed as we only got half an hour to look around and the mall was huge! In the end, me, Nadia, Hanis and Sabrina had an "Amazing Race" up to the first floor after finding out that we had two minutes to get out of the maze-like supermarket.

Dinner was especially interesting as firstly, there was amazing food, but also the performance we did for Mr Hoe. After the bit where the 'dance' group was done, Amirul performed a routine which made the whole group gasp in awe.

Nadia - 
Day 4-visit to Maktab Sains, radio station Brunei, The art and handicraft museum, Passar malam, the shopping mall and restaurant to have dinner

For the visit to Maktab Sains, we were shy at first when we first met our buddies. My buddies name was Suhailah. She was a friendly and approachable. When we were about to leave we really hug each other and we miss each other so much. I wish we could visit Maktab Sains for a week.

When we went to the radio station, we got to know how news was done, met some cool DJs and the place there. It was fun and We got an opportunity to wish Sai a happy birthday over the radio. I hope she is happy now and wish her sweet 15.

The visit to the art and handicraft museum was an eye opener to us as we saw handmade things which was quite expensive. I now appreciate the people's hard work to make those things.

We went to the Passar Malam nest Passar gudong. It was similar to Singapore's Passar malam.

Then we went to the shopping mall to get some thing to bring back home. I got some chips and kuihs.

Then for dinner we went to a restaurant. We ate a very good meal. Since it was Mr Hoe's birthday, we did a Silat performance, choir performance, and we presented a gift card to him. I hope he enjoyed his birthday today.

Well it is the last day of activities today and I hope I can get another chance to visit Brunei. It is a very greatly insanely, humorous experience that is unforgettable and I am gonna miss Brunei and its people :'(


Today, we visited Maktab Sains P.S.B.S. My buddy name is Darren. He is tall and in year 8 (secondary 3/ 15 years old). When I first heard that his name was Darren, I expect him to be short as all of my friends with the name "Darren" are short. We went for morning assembly and their screen is a few time smaller than ours but we understand as we are more "advanced" than them. Their main value for this day is Courtesy. I don't know what they we talking but judging by the video I think it is about having the initiative to help others in need of help. We went to ice breaker and Muneerul was eliminated or "sacrificed" as we play a "go through the hoop without breaking the circle" game. We see how they study and it was so relaxed. Teacher put things at whiteboard and we write. Then we tried Darren's Active CCA, Badminton (They have two, active and non-active CCA). I tried some swinging of the racket and warming up with them. It was fun and enjoying. Then we did some slight exchange of gift with them. Then it was goodbye. We had a real hard time saying goodbye but all good Things must come to an end.
Next, we went to Radio Television Brunei (RTB). We celebrated Sai birthday there on two radio platform, Pelangi and Pilihan FM. I learnt a thing or two from that visit. I learn colour separation which is Green screen effect happening at the same moment it is live. It was interesting and we can apply what we learn here in our SST video / audio project.
We then went to the the handicraft museum where everyone knows how handicraft was done. Some of us bought things from their but as it was handmade, the price was a bomb.
We then went to The Mall. I didn't buy things there as they are just kinda fake. I almost got lost but I found everyone at the end.
Then we went back to the handicraft for dinner where we celebrate Mr Ho's birthday. The choir group sang him happy birthday and My group and I preform a silat performance. We made Mr Ho's and Sai's day today. I hope we could stay here longer and learn more.

Today was the last day in the Brunei GCP Trip. The trip to Maktab Sains was really close to the heart. They all worked so hard to get into the school, and have to work hard to continue to go up the years. This reminded me that I had to work hard. And as my results for the previous exams were not really up to standard, I have to work doubly hard. 

Having free time at the mall also allowed me to realise that money which was earned hard can be easily gone due to unplanned spendings. 

I feel that this GCP trip has taught me a lot of important life lessons, and really taught me how to implement the 4Rs, 3Es and 10Cs into our daily lives. This trip has been meaningful, not just because it has taught me things that are important to improving my life, this trip also taught me how the different culture in Brunei has a different hospitality too. 

I feel that the hospitality in Singapore, SST and ourselves could improve by a lot. The Bruneian's hospitality really makes our day, and I feel that we should be more hospitable to guests to make their day more pleasant too. 

Now, I do understand why the teachers said that, "Four days in Brunei is not enough." Although some people say that Brunei is a boring country, in actual fact, Brunei is a country rich in history and culture from different ethnicities. Although that my Bahasa Melayu may not be that great, we still could connect. 

I would like to thank Mr Johari, Mdm Azizah, Mrs Goh, Mr Hoe, Ms Ashely, Ms Grace, the bus driver, and everyone who made this trip possible and a fun, enriching one. 
thI am glad that I was selected to be on this GCP trip, and I'll treasure these few days forever in my mind. 

Lim Yi Zhen:
I feel that today was quite hair-raising and also interesting. First, thing in the morning, we left for Maktab Sains PSBS. There, we were allowed by the school to watch how the lessons work and what they do during CCA time. Our buddies brought us around and explained various of our queries to us.Then, we exchanged gifts with one another. I feel that in the school, the students welcomed us and that we were not secluded or ignored by anyone and was even accepted in the class by the teacher(s). 

After that, we left for the radio/television station. Again, the people there showed wonderful hospitality and graciousness. They allowed us to watch them as they did live broadcasts and even allowed us to be broadcasted. They also made it the best birthday Sai ever had. They also allowed us to their news recording room and saw "green screen". Not only that, we were also showed all around very generously. Then, before we left, they even provided us with some unasked tidbits! Such graciousness is very hard to find and I am honored to be able to have such a amazing experience. After dinner, we spent an eventful time celebrating Mr Hoe's birthday and through that we bonded. Over the dinner meal, we also bonded with one another and strengthened our friendships. I feel that throughout this teip, I have bonded well with my group mates and gotta know everyone better. Through the various activities I have also learnt new things such as the history of Brunei. I really enjoyed this GCP trip to Brunei.

Today, We went to Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Bengawan Sultan school, one of the best schools in Brunei Darusallam, which requires 4 subjects scoring 80+ to get inside. I met my Faiz, my buddy. He is a really well behaved guy who was hardworking and has a positive attitude. He gave an orientation of the school. Being a positive learner, I have much to learn in terms of attitude. Times have been good, but all things come to an end. We exchanged gifts and parted ways. After that we went to the Radio Television Brunei where we saw dj's in action. I think those that are interested in Media Studies benefited greatly from this. To Sai's surprise a repoter put her on air as yesterday was her birthday. Then we went to the news part of the RTB. We saw how reporters say news in chinese and other languages. The Bruneians were really hospitable and provided a small treat for us at RTB. We really enjoyed our time. I learnt and saw a lot of things at the Brunei arts and Handicraft center. Sadly I only had a dollar left and could not buy anything. Next we went to a mall for shopping. I learnt I should spread my money out and not spend them all so i can spend them in time to come. Then we went for dinner at a restaurant where the sultan opened it himself. I had an enjoyable time looking at the Silat performance and choir to celebrate Mr Hoe's Birthday. After that we went home. I think that the GCP to Brunei is enjoyable as we learnt new things and got out of our comfprt zone.



Today has been a very fun day. All of us had to wake up early in the morning to go to Maktab Sains. When we reached there, we had to find our own buddies. I saw a boy and I smiled at him, and when it was time to find, he was actually my buddy; Fikri. He was quite shy,nd we tried to have a conversation. We had an 'ice breaking' session which eventually had a moral of the game was that she did not say that we had to oust our team members, but actually that if we do it properly and patiently, we can accomplish teamwork and not let our team members be ousted. I then realised that he was actually younger than me and he started school earlier than others, 2 years younger than the supposed age and me; 13. He rarely smiles though, during the time we were leaving. He is a smart person and I hope to know him more through WhatsApp. Then, we went to the Radio Television Brunei (RTB) after we left Maktab Sains. It was the first time to visit a radio station and newspaper place outside of Singapore, or even anywhere in the world, for example Singapore. One of the most memorable moments was during the time the 2 DJs wished Sai, our student leader, happy birthday. Mdm Azizah and her even got interviewed and a shoutout to our school. We went shopping again and then had a great meal and the Sultan’s restaurant, which is one of the best Surau I have ever been to. Then the choir group sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mr Hoe in 4 of the main languages of Singapore. My group; the Silat group, also performed for Mr Hoe with the performance, Amirul being the main star of the performance with amazing skills, while I only made groaning noises. Overall, it has been a very meaningful trip and gave me a lot of experience and knowledge.

And I quote, “Thus, friendships can be made as fast as a few hours and if we spend our time with our friends at the greatest moments, we can make great experiences together.”

~ Isa Bin Mohamed Yamin


Today, we went to Maktab Sains. I was paired up with a cheerful girl - Aisyah (pronounced as Aisha) who was a bubbly, chirpy mess of happiness. We talked and talked, mostly about Maktab Sains and SST.

For assembly, there was a presentation on Courtesy, and an exchange of tokens between the schools.

Maktab Sains has to be at least twice the size of SST!! Aisyah is a Year 9 student -- a Secondary 3 equivalent. We had a really fun ice-breaking session, where we all had to hold hands (girl and girl, guy and guy.) in a friendly manner. There were large ruffia hoops that we had to slip through and "pass" onto the next person. Anyone with two hoops is out of the game.

Aisyah and i were rushing to slip through the hoop, and in the end, 5 people (all guys) were called out.

The moral of this exhilarating game was "Do not sacrifice anyone."

We had LOTS of refreshments - they are so filling!! I think i drank more than 5 cups of tea!!

We attended our buddies' CCA for half an hour, and i had lots of running, arm and leg exercises, and throwing of balls, and a cute game called Squirrel.

We had a teary goodbye and promised to keep in touch.

We proceeded for lunch, which was a short walk from the hotel. The food was delicious!

Popping over to the Radio Television Brunei (RTB), we were welcomed and shown to some cozy recording studios, and Sai's birthday was broadcasted on air!!

We were presented with tidbits and tea (again..)

After that, we had a little trip over to the Handicraft Centre, where we had a tour of the galleries. After that, we had a short time to browse through and see if there's anything interesting to buy.

After that, we hopped over to the mall, which is called "The Mall". Literally. We had around half an hour to shop around all of the 3-4 floors of the mega mall.

Driving us to the next destination... The not so "Night" market, the Pasa Malam. There was a distinct smell of smoke that hung in the air from the rows of stalls whipping up delectable BBQ snacks.

We went to a classy restaurant next for dinner, a really filling dinner.

Having a performance secretly prepared for Mr Hoe, our principal, we acted upon the plan. The (choir) half sung Happy Birthday in 4 languages, and as a part "2", we had a Dance showdown.

As the finale, Amirul did a solo!!

The cake was brought out - it always is, and we distributed it to everyone - earning joyous smiles and grateful grins.

Today, i learnt many things - morals, lessons. Reiterated some values - Responsibility, Relationship, Reflection, Respect.

Today would not be possible, i know, without the help of Mr Hoe, the teachers-in-charge, the Student Leaders, and everyone else.

I have enjoyed myself immensely, more than words can express.

I would like to thank everyone who has made this trip a possibility. THANK YOU!!


Where we visited: 
Maktab Sains
Radio Television BruneiArts and Handicraft Centre
The Journey at Maktab Sains
I had a very pleasant and fruitful journey whereby I learnt the about the Bruniean education system. Learning new things, is really a whole lot of fun and excitement. When I first met my buddy, we started our conversation with laughter. Through this, and in other trips, I really appreciate the brunieans hospitality and I could sense it very well in Maktab Sains. It has been a great opportunity to visit them and ask questions to the students face to face about their education. To round it all up, this school exchange has been a very good chance for all of us to learn more about Brunei.
The Radio Television Brunei and Arts and Handicraft Centre
In both of the places above, we learnt how Brunei has its radio television procedures and its cultures of hand woven clothes etc.
Thai gives us a chance to learn more about the traditions and cultures in Brunei as well as how they vary from Singapore. 
I really appreciate the past 4 days as it helped all of us in fact to be GREAT global citizens. 


Today we went to Maktab Sains PSBS. I had a thrill of a time especially with my buddy Hassan. I learnt a lot about the education system in Brunei and how Maktab Sains PSBS students study. When I went to my buddy's classroom, the physics lesson was going on. The students were learning how to make papercopters. This is how Maktab Sains PSBS is similar to SST as both have applied learning. Afterwards we had a refreshment session. The the tarik tasted so nice that I took 2 cups. Later we tried out their various CCAs. They had many different types of CCAs. They explained about how they have to change CCAs every 6 months. This is to provide more opportunities for them to excel in different ways and not just focus on one area. In the end, it is important to be an all rounder.

After the closing ceremony we exchanged our gifts. I felt guilty as my buddy gave me eight things and I only gave him 3.

Afterwards we went to the RTB where we learnt about the radio and entertainment in Brunei.

Then we went to the handicraft store where we learnt about how the handicrafts are handmade.

We even threw a surprise party for Mr Hoe's birthday in a restaurant set up by the Sultan. Some people did show choir while others did silat. Overall, I had a blast today.


Jerremy’s reflection:
Today we went to Matab sains psbs school and Brunei arts museum and radio television Matab sains psbs,when we arrived,our buddies greeted us with enthusiasm and we got to attend their lessons and experience a day in Brunei.after that we ate some food and went to join their Cca. We learnt a lot from this visit to Matab sains psbs.when the day was over,we exchanged gifts  with our buddies and reluctantly waved goodbye.we were on the verge of tears when we parted.after that,we went to the Brunei radio television centre and saw how does a dj do his work and his epuipment.we even got a chance to be aired live by both the dj we visited.on both occasion,we wished Sai a happy birthday and sang her the happy birthday song on the air.she was touched and was beyond words.after that we thanked the host for giving us airtime and we experienced the first time we were on the radio.then we went to the handicraft he handicraft centre we saw how to make traditional handicraft like handwoven fabric and brass crafting.all of the things sold are all handmade so all of them was so expensive that none of us could afford it.after that we went to the hotel to change and put our unneeded items back.then we headed back to the handicraft centre for the handicrafts centre Nr Hoe was witting for us.We went upstairs to the restraint and the dinner was buffet style.After our dinner,we gave a surprise celebration to Mr Hoe for his birthday.First we sang happy birthday to him in multiple languages then we did the Silat.It was a combination of dancing and martial arts.after we all did the Silat ,then Ameeru did his was too complicated for us to follow.after that we boarded the bus and started writing our reflection.then here I am writing this reflection.As Rachel said.We had a blast but times like this can never last.his concludes the final night of our Brunei trip.tommorow we will head home.we have mixed feelings.part of us Are happy to see our parents again and another part of us want to continue staying in Brunei.In the blink of an eye,our gcp has ended but it does no. Mean the end. our friendship goes deeper than that the friendships,bonds and memories formed during this trip will forever last and neither time or tide can ever wash it away.

One last word:Goodbye Brunei!

The end.  :(

Rachel’s reflection:

Maktab sains.
Radio Television Brunei.
Night market.
The Mall mall.

Maktab sains.
-partner shy
-gamelan (i think)

The Mall mall 🌚

-wish Sai happy episode 2
-editing room
-green screen
-news script

Night market. 🌚
-not-so-night market

At Maktab Sains, I found my buddy, Najihah, at the entrance of the school. Although initially we were quiet towards each other, after opening up and asking each other questions, we found out that we had almost everything in common, from our school curriculum to the instruments we play. Najihah took me around the school premises to her CCA which was cross-stitching. However we got lost in the twisty corridors and were slightly late to class. The class was very warm and quickly accepted me into their lesson. The teacher was very cooperative, despite the language gap in which she had to teach in Malay. Najihah was more than willing to translate every instruction to me despite the trouble. As we both were late, we could only attend a total of five minutes and I only managed to complete three cross-stitches. However, the teacher was very understanding and even let me take a stitching set home to complete it. After Maktab Sains, and half an hour of shopping, we were taken to Radio Television Brunei (RTB). RTB, like the rest of our hosts, were very hospitable. They took us to a total of two radio studios, a green screen room and their editing room. In both radio studios, we surprised our leader, Sai, by wishing her a happy birthday live on air in two different radio shows. The DJs were more than willing to comply to our small wish and Sai was especially surprised. The Bruneians showed us their process of making televised news come to life. They walked us through writing the script, editing videos and even how they make the news "studio". Unfortunately, the "recording studio" many people thought was real is indeed just a green screen. After our tour around the building, the staff offered us a table with tidbits and tea.

I think that these two main events of the day really highlight Brunei's culture in terms of their awesome hospitality. I am definitely sad that the trip has come to an end. But we should not dismiss this trip just by our presence or absence in Brunei. This GCP journey shall continue on in terms of expanding our knowledge about other culture's and values in our own time.

Peihan’s reflections:
Today. I had the opportunity to experience life and the education in one of Brunei's top schools in terms of education. I managed to make some new friends from the school and also had the chance to experience Brunei's hospitality once again. I also managed to go through one of the school's many interesting co curricular activities. I made close connections and experienced another different learning style and environment. After that we had the chance to go to the Brunei radio and television station and were warmly welcomed with open arms. Although today was the last day of the Brunei GCP trip. I believe that I will be able to learn from the amazing people I met and interacted with and try to improve my attitude in life with the experience.


Overall, I enjoyed this trip. I did not expect Brunei to be a really fun place. But it was not always about the country. It was the time we had with friends and getting to know each other better. I learnt a lot about the Brunei culture and the traditions. This makes me even more grateful that I live in Singapore. The visit to Maktab Science helped me to appreciate SST even more. I believe that this trip was mainly to appreciate the place that I live in and the necessities that I am provided for. Moreover, I also learnt about how other people struggle to give us what we need. I wish to go for the Brunei trip again if I am elected as a student leader. The trip really made me more independent and even though I had been for 3 trips overseas with my former school, I felt that this was the best trip. The teachers and student leaders really made this trip safe and fun. I really missed Singapore a lot but nothing will stop me from another adventure overseas with the school. After visiting some of the workers, I really pity them as they really struggle to work. I believe that SST is capable of helping them and I wish to do so one day. This is definitely a memorable trip

Today we went to maktab sains I had a good time there and learnt a lot about the school from my buddy. When I first reached, I was wondering why they wore different colour uniforms. I then found out that prefects wore blue uniforms while the others wore red uniforms. The campus was very big and had many facilities including an auditorium. We then went to the conference room for an introduction to the school. I also found out that the school is strong in science and Malay. Next, we went to the classrooms. They have many classrooms and the classrooms are very small. They, like us, also have small class sizes of 20+ people. They also have some weird names for CCAs. Muscle conditioning is actually yoga. It was pretty interesting. My favorite part of the day was when we exchanged gifts. I was touched to see that they even rapped and put a ribbon on it. That really showed the hospitality of Brunei. All in all, I really enjoyed the trip to maktab sains. 

We then went to the radio station. It was very cool to see the studio because I've never been in one before. There were a lot of buttons 

We also went to the art exibition centre which made many things at different parts of the place, like hand-woven cloth, songkoks and even canes. 

I really did enjoy my trip in Brunei and my last day today too. 

Today, we visited the Maktab Sains School. We had to wake up at 5 in the morning to eat our breakfast and prepare for the journey to the school. Feeling sleepy, me and my group proceeded into the bus.
At Maktab Sains, we were assigned buddies from the school to pair up with my group mates. I was paired up with an older boy named Stanley. Despite his shyness, he asked questions and communicated with me often. At the school, I learnt how a day at Maktab Sains is like. I also gave a little present to the teachers that taught my buddy during class and I gave him a little keychain as a token of appreciation. 
Next, we went to the Radio Television Brunei building. We had a peek behind the scenes of some of our radio we all love. We met DJ Amin from the Pelangi Radio Channel. We took a picture with him and also went to the stage set for the daily news in Brunei. We experienced the feeling to be a news reporter and I had a fun time there.
After that, we went to a shop selling very expensive items. I looked around the shop feeling very amazed and confused of how the smallest of objects could be the most expensive of all their products.
Finally, we ate dinner at a restaurant that is owned by the Sultan of Brunei. I learnt that he built the restaurant to enjoy the amazing view of Kampong Ayer. We also did a surprise birthday party for Mr. Hoe, our principal. Me and my group of friends did a Silat performance which was led by Amirul. It was a very enjoyable and memorable experience.
Overall, today was the best day compared to all the other days. We had a surprise birthday party for Mr. Hoe, I made a new friend, and I saw very expensive and interesting artefacts in the shop. I hope that one day I could come to Brunei again!

Today I went to Maktab Sains. I met my buddy, Mariam also known as Mia. She is really nice and friendly. I got to experience the morning assembly at Maktab Sains which was held once a week. This year, assemblies are run by year 10s. The assembly was not very different from morning assembly in SST. I also got to experience lessons in the classroom. It's not very different from lessons in Singapore schools. I got to know my buddy really well and we quite bonded in the few hours we had together. Next I went to the radio station, radio television Brunei. I learnt how the DJ works and how the news recording is done. After that, I went to the Brunei arts and handicrafts centre where I learnt about how they make the different materials used for making clothes. I also learnt about the different kinds of woods used to make things. I learnt a lot of new things today that were really interesting. Today's experience was the most interesting, especially our time in Maktab Sains and this is something I would never forget.

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