Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : Striking a Harmonious Chord

Day 3 in Brunei

Enduring Understanding 1
Decisions concerning the use of economic resources impact individuals and groups in society.

Essential Question 1
What effect does the economy have on society?

Learning Objective 1
Students will learn about the relationship between Brunei’s oil industry and its socio-economic development.
Enduring Understanding 2
Culture influences all our behaviours and interactions.

Essential Question 2
What effect does the economy have on society?

Learning Objective 2

Students will learn about the relationship between Brunei’s oil industry and its socio-economic development.

TASK (to be completed as a group at the end of Day 3)
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(based on visits to Oil & Gas Discovery Centre & Royal Regalia Museum)
  1. What are the key issues or areas of concern relating to this activity?
  2. Discuss some of the impacts that stemmed from this issue.
  3. How does your host destination go about managing the issue? What are the key lesson that Singapore can learn?

Write your responses in the form of a Malay-Bruneian 'Pantun' or Poem in English.



Theme: Sultan

The day become ‘sultan’ eat a lot of things
Then go shopping at an emporium
All of the ‘sultans’ have a lot of links
The following day be shown in a museum


Honour and glory, fame and shine -- Brunei
Royal bloodlines running deep
even when you say goodbye
you'll have beautiful memories just to keep!


Royalty is in their blood
Happiness that just floods!

We salute you and the country thy
with our hearts full of joy(j-o-y)!


Selfishness brings you nowhere
Where there is care, love, and faith, you know it is Brunei

They care about every strand of your hair
Please don't be shy!


Hospitality is the key
To a long lasting Story
If you do not have it now
then start to make that vow 

We went to the Science centre.
The balloon popped so loud that the visitors were scared to enter
Next we went to see Brunei’s oil
It was so hot we almost boiled

Oil, Kampongs, Krises and Knives
A Sultan has many wives
Hospitality at its best is in Brunei
It’s very true, it’s not a lie!

30 murid di Brunei Darussalam
Ke sini, ke sana, dari pagi ke malam
untuk belajar tentang budaya
dan sejarah Brunei juga



The oil factory is precious
Full of natural resources 
The royal museum is beautiful
Full of treasures, bountiful


We saw the majestic history
And the many different treasures
We learnt the oil’s story

Then we learnt Brunei’s preciousness


We visited the oil factory
Oil has a fascinating history
And the royal museum is full of treasure
That their worth you want to measure

Wen Xuan:

The relationship between two countries
Made both countries similar
The amount of oil in the country
Made the country popular


Celine - At the oil and gas discovery center
We discovered lots of information
In the Royal Regalia Museum we saw a panther
Used in the Sultan's


     Seperti Bumi setiap pagi,
     mendaki gunung dan turun semula,
    Minyak dicari dibawah bumi,
    Julai 1991 ia dibuka.

       The Royal Regalia has a kris
        The Different colours make me bliss
         The throne room is made of gold
          like how the air-con makes me cold.

Yi Zhen
     If someone needs help right at once,
     Brunei, Brunei will show you how,
     How they jump and pounce,
     With advanced technology they have right now.

      Bruneians whom we have met,
      Greatness and kindness all around,
      Thanks for everything we had,
      Placing smiles without a sound.

Tired we may be,
yet Brunei's beauty brings us glee.
Museums about her history,
allow us to understand more intelligently.

Muzium negara, muzium tempatan,
Menjelajah ke suatu tempat hingga ke lain
Sejarah dan informasi yang dikumpul sungguh memanfaatkan,
Membantu kami dalam pelajaran kian

The museum visits were cool
The many informations made me drool
Wherever I went I saw stuff which made my eyes open wide
It made my day ever si bright 

Brunei's people are very neat
Their hospitality can never be beat
Her culture is well kept
As well as it is in our hearts

Group F 2015. Rights Reserved®.

Rachel’s poem
We really hope you had a blast 
But alas times likes these cannot last
And so for what we say

Terima Kasih

Jerremy’s Poem:
Singapore has Rifky
Brunei has donkey
Nodding all day long for oil
For only 53 cents at shell 

Muneerul’s poem:
Chilli crab, Chicken rice
Loved by Singaporean
Ambuyang, Glutinous rice
Proudly Bruneian

Peihan’s Poem:
As a monument we stand
Together hand in hand,
the ocean waves peaceful
life is suddenly blissful

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