Saturday, 6 June 2015

At Brunei International Airport - waiting to fly home

A trip well spent - thanks to all our gracious hosts.
Guess who's the EXCESS BAGGAGE? 

Mr Hoe inspiring the next generation of 'new pioneers'!

Mr Hoe presenting a birthday card to Potluri Sai from the group

Birthday surprise for Mr Hoe Wee Meng!

A birthday card for Mr Hoe designed specially by the students on this trip and presented by Sec 3 student leaders, Potluri Sai and Haady Mattar

Visit to the Night Market

Visit to Radio Television Brunei

The DJ announcing our visit on live radio! So cool as we got to sing 'Happy Birthday!' to Potluri Sai [S3-01] on national radio, too!

Visit to our twinning school - Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan

Welcome reception from Maktab Sains aka 'Getting to know you, buddy!' introductions

Maktab Sains Principal Cikgu Zabaidah Tuah addressing the school 
Exchange of gifts between Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan and School of Science and Technology, Singapore

On behalf of SST, Nadia Begum [S1-04] and Haady Mattar [S3-07] thanking Maktab Sains for hosting us
Start of fun-filled day at Maktab Sains

Exchange of gifts between buddies, email addresses, hugs, smiles. All too soon, it's time to bid farewell to new-found friends ... but the Internet keeps us connected :)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Pantun / Poetry Time - Presentations from the various groups

Visit to the Million Barrel Monument

Visit to Kampong Tamoi Ujong aka Water Village

Preparing to board the long boat to Kampong Tamoi Ujong

Before boarding
During boarding
Full house!

View on the way to the Water Village

Heavens smiling down on us on the way to the village :) 

A view of the Brunei Palace golden dome
Alighting the long boat 

The grand entrance of Kampong Tamoi Ujong
 The warm welcome we received from the residents at the Water Village
Mdm Azizah and Mr Johari - so glad to be on 'solid' ground! 
See the happy smiles! [perhaps because of the sumptuous local delicacies laid out for us by our gracious host]

The Penghala of Kampong Tamoi Ujong. 

The Penghala and his wife making sure we were well attended to. Note the photograph-adorned walls - a testament of the Penghala's gracious hospitality in opening his house to all and sundry. School of Science and Technology, Singapore is humbled to be amongst worldwide dignitaries, notwithstanding VVIPs such as the Queen of Netherlands and former US President Clinton as well as the late former South African President Nelson Mandela

Mr Johari presenting a token of appreciation to the Penghala
Happy faces all around!

Traditional musical instruments for us to try out

More traditional cakes for us to try out

After eating, got to exercise, right? So 'joget' session for all of us led by one of the ladies from the village.

Thanks for the memories!