Friday, 15 May 2015

Research Work (PreTrip)


to be completed by Term 2 Week 9
(detail will be disseminated on 20 May 2015)

Pre-Trip Research
[to be completed by ALL students] 
[use this link] 
link to responses (Official use only)

1. Describe the country’s geographical location.

2. Describe the racial composition and cultural traditions of the community/communities you are visiting.

3. Through your research, describe three historical milestones that particularly interest you.

4. Describe three key issues/challenges currently faced by the destination country.

5. What is a global citizen?


6. What does a good global citizen value?


7. What are the role and responsibilities of a global citizen?


8. How can I be a good global citizen? How can I promote mutual respect and harmony in my country and host destination?


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