Friday, 15 May 2015

Global Citizenship Programme BRUNEI


designed by SST Students

Overarching EUs

Systems comprise several components that interact to achieve equilibrium.

Global Citizenship Programme

Enduring Understanding 
As citizens of a global system, we share a collective responsibility to work towards mutual respect and harmony.
Essential Questions
What responsibilities do I have as a global citizen to people within and outside the borders of my country?
How can I fulfill the responsibilities of global citizenship?

The GCP is designed to

prepare students for a global future shaped with the attributes that will allow them to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities abroad, while remaining connected and emotionally rooted to Singapore.


The OBJECTIVES of the trip are to provide:
  • a platform for students to develop an understanding of Singapore’s relationship with Brunei 
  • a meaningful opportunity for students to explore, appreciate and understand the culture and language of the people in Brunei 
  • an opportunity to experience what school life is like as a student in Brunei 
  • an opportunity to forge friendships and build ties with students in Brunei 

GCP Programme GOALS 
  • Acquiring Knowledge 
  • Students develop interest in and take stewardship of local and global issues 
  • Students understand Singapore’s relationships with ASEAN, ASIA and the rest of the world 
  • Building Competencies 
  • Equip students with 21st century skills 
  • Promote self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision- making in students 
  • Cultivating Character 
  • Students embrace diversity and cultivate respect for all people 
  • Students act upon ideas for the improvement of their society and the wider world

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